BRUNCH TIME CHANGED TO 9:30. Please join us at our little JP oasis, right off of Centre St.! We have a lovely backyard with a family-style table, so please feel free to bring picnic/BBQ items to share! We look forward to seeing new faces as well as hanging out with favorites in the bi+ and bi+-friendly community of Boston. Bring a friend, too! RSVP:

Please read the following message from Mitsy regarding the time change: 

Good morning everyone,
Across the country, hearts are heavy given the recent attacks in Charlottesville.  I for one had difficulty processing the anachronistic images, a sobering reminder that this country is not in a good place (and arguably never was, in spite of the progress made on many fronts). People are increasingly turning to words and actions of hate to get the message across that many of us are not welcome.
A rally is being organized this coming Saturday (August 19th) by the BLM Network/BLM Cambridge Resistance & Response, spurred by an unidentified right-wing group that had invited speakers to defend the right to “free speech”–speech that invariably incites violence and hatred.  The Black Lives Matter Network will be gathering at 10am at the Reggie Lewis Track and Field Center in Roxbury, then marching to the Boston Common.  (You can find more info here.)  In order to allow folks the opportunity to participate in the rally, I have decided to roll back the start time of the bi-brunch to 9:30am (to a bi-breakfast, if you will), and folks are welcome to come together to eat, discuss, make signs, and then we can head over to the Boston Common as a crew.  I will purchase a few poster board signs and and markers, and if people wanted to bring supplies, it would be more than welcome.    
This is our moment to act, to use our voices, to be seen and heard.  These are our opportunities to come together as a city bear witness to unity in our humanity, no matter our race, our ethnicity, our gender identity, our sexuality, our socio-economic background.  I hope you will join me–let me know if you are able to attend and I will send along my address in JP.  
In solidarity, 

August 19 (Saturday) – Women’s Potluck Brunch at Mitsy & Liana’s in Jamaica Plain