Join us for another Stuff ‘n’ Stuff potluck as we mail out Bi Women Quarterly newsletter. We will stuff & stamp envelopes to send BWQ all around the world. Then we will stuff ourselves with potluck dishes – hence the name, Stuff ‘n’ Stuff.

RSVP to Robyn [at] RobynOchs [dot] com. There are cats in this home.

The Stuff ‘n’ Stuff potluck welcomes all trans & cis women and nonbinary folks, of any orientation, who are supportive & affirming of Bisexual+ identities.

For some of our recipients, Bi Women Quarterly is one of the few sources of affirmation they encounter – so your help will be very much appreciated! Plus, it’s fun!

PS: Check out Bi Women Quarterly online!

Sep. 5 Stuff-n-Stuff Potluck at Robyn’s in Jamaica Plain