BBWN hosts monthly brunches

Our brunches are open to all bi+ women (trans & cis) and nonbinary folks. Brunches are normally held in members’ homes and are potluck-style: everyone brings a dish or a beverage. There is no charge to attend. 

Hosting a BBWN Brunch in your home is fun and easy! If you are interested in hosting one of our brunches, please contact Charlotte at to let them know that you are interested in hosting, and to find out when is the next open month. Once the month is yours, decide what date is best for you, and let Charlotte know what date you have chosen.

NOTE: During COVID, brunches will be held on Zoom. See our calendar for dates, times, and info about how to RSVP.

For in-person brunches, your responsibilities are:

  • Create a welcoming environment for all bi and bi-friendly women and nonbinary folks who attend.
  • Provide directions to your home to people who RSVP.
  • Provide drinks (coffee, tea, water, and/or juice).
  • Provide plates, forks, spoons, knives, and cups.
  • If your budget can accommodate it, provide one potluck dish. Your guests will bring the rest!

We’re here to help!
Contact Chas to schedule your brunch or if you have any questions about hosting. We will advertise the basic information (date, time, town, your contact info) in a few key places. If you are not comfortable sharing your email in a specific place (or at all), let Chas know and they will work with you to make accommodations.