BBWN hosts monthly brunches

Our brunches are open to all bi-identified women and our women friends. They are held in members’ homes and are potluck-style: each woman brings a dish or a beverage. There is no charge to attend.

Hosting a BBWN Brunch in your home is fun and easy! If you are interested in hosting, one of our brunches, please contact Ellyn at to let her know that you are interested in hosting, and to find out when is the next open month. Once the month is yours, decide what date is best for  you, and let Ellyn know what date you have chosen.

Your responsibilities are:

  • Create a welcoming environment for all bi and bi friendly women who attend.
  • Provide those interested in coming to the brunch with directions to your home.  (Best to require an RSVP so you know how many people to expect.)
  • Supply drinks (coffee and/or tea, and water is minimally fine.  Juice is nice.)
  • Provide plates, forks, spoons, knives and cups.
  • If your budget can accommodate it, provide one potluck dish.

Advertising your BBWN Brunch:

(There is an example ad below)

Submit your BBWN brunch ad to the Bi Women calendar editor, Ellyn at, to be included in the Bi Women calendar and the online calendar of

Email your BBWN brunch ad to the following email lists a couple of weeks before your brunch is scheduled, and a couple of days before the brunch: (Cambridge Women’s Center bi women’s group)

Submit your BBWN brunch ad to the Queer Agenda to have it published on their Events List.

  • Invite your bi and bi-friendly women friends!

Sample BBWN Brunch Ad:

The next Boston Bisexual Women’s Network (BBWN) brunch will be at Jane’s in Belmont on Sunday, October 18th at noon. Please bring a potluck dish or drinks to share.  Contact Jane at  <> or at 617-123-4567 for directions, and to let her know you are coming.  BBWN brunches are a great opportunity to meet and socialize with bi and bi-friendly women in the Boston area.  All bi and bi-friendly women are welcome.

Bi Brunch October 2008

Bi Brunch at Carla and Megan's home

Also: if you’d like to have a theme brunch (poetry, mother’s day, harvest food, favorite teas, etc.) just include it in your ad so that people will know ahead of time to be prepared. And please let folks know whether the brunch is “child-friendly; wheelchair accessible; in a pet-ful or pet-free home, etc.

That’s all! See you at a brunch!