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January 21, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Brookline Public Library - Main Bldg.
361 Washington St
Brookline, MA 02445

This will be a peer led support meetup hosted by the BRC. We will discuss a wide range of issues related to attraction, sexuality, and gender in a supportive safe space for only trans and cis women and non-binary folks of all races and ethnic backgrounds. This is not a Dating event.

**Note: This meetup is only open to trans and cis women and non-binary folks who are currently or recently have been in long term partnerships with heterosexual or bisexual self identified men and non-binary people.

Some topics may include:

*Ways we celebrate being bisexual women partnered with men or non-binary people. .
*Support we get when our partners are involved in the bi community.

*Bi-invisibility: mistaken for a “straight/heterosexual” couple.
*Performing your queerness to “prove” you are bisexual.
*Coming out to your children.
*Coming out and repeatedly coming out.
*Stereotypes : selfish, greedy, confused.
*Guilt or discomfort “checking out” women in front of your partner.
*Censoring or Muting your bisexuality to make him feel more comfortable.
*Partner blaming marital/relationship problems on your bisexuality.
*Poly or Open Relationships: finding and maintaining relationships with women.


• Bisexual Resource Center (BRC):

• Bisexual Women of Color – BIWOC:

• Boston Bisexual Women’s Network (BBWN):

• Boston Metro Area Poly:

• Boston Queer Polyamorous Women’s Group:

• Poly Boston:



1. Bisexuality and Monogamy:

2. Difficult Conversations:

3. Mixed Orientation Marriages (MOM) or Mixed Orientation Relationships (MOR): (

4. The Best Dating Apps for LGBT Women:

5. The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities:

6. The Network / La Red: Does your partner blame it on your bisexuality? It could be partner abuse.

7. Scarleteen: Sex Ed for the real world:

8. Voices from other Bisexual Women in Long-Term Relationships With Men:

9. Support Group for Bi Women Partnered With Men (BWPM) By Gwendolyn Fougy Henry and Debbie Block Schwenk:

Tea with Bisexual Women Partnered with Men