Call for writing for Bi Women Quarterly!

Here are themes for the next 2 issues:

Winter 2020: “Women’s space”

At BWQ we are committed to creating radically inclusionary women’s space. What does it mean for BWQ to be a “women’s” publication in a non-binary world? What are your experiences with women’s space? What is the importance of women’s space for you? How can we all work together to create more inclusive, affirming, and welcoming spaces? DUE BY November 1, 2019.

Spring 2020: “Being an Activist”

Do you consider yourself an LGBTQ+ activist? A bi+ activist? What does your activism mean to you? How does your LGBTQ+ activism intersect with other activist issues? Share your successes, frustrations, hopes, and what others can do to help support your activism. What books/ films have inspired your own activism? Share personal essays, poetry, artwork, and photographs from your activist life. DUE by February 1, 2020.

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Call for writing