Call for writing for Bi Women Quarterly!

Here are themes for the next 2 issues:

Fall 2020: Out at Work (Or Not)
It’s time to come back to the question of being out (or not) at work! What have been your experiences at work? Are you out? Partially out? Not out? Why/not? What challenges/opportunities have you found? What has been your experience (if any) in LGBTQ+ employee resource groups? If you’re just entering the workforce, what are your hopes/fears/strategies? Submissions are due by August 1.

Winter 2021. Finding Sex/Finding Love
How do you seek and find romantic and/or sexual connection? Do you use technology such as dating apps? Why or why not? Have you intentionally sought these connections, or stumbled upon them? We want to hear about your experiences, whether delightful, discouraging, amusing, or absurd!
Submissions are due by November 1.

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Call for writing