Call for writing for Bi Women Quarterly!

Here are themes for the next 2 issues:

Image of the cover of the Winter 2021 issue of Bi Women Quarterly: "Finding Sex/Finding Love" Cover of the Fall 2020 issue of Bi Women Quarterly. There is a colorful drawing of Martine Mussies, whose essay begins on this page.  

Summer 2021. Never Have I Ever
Let’s have some fun with a game of “Never Have I Ever.” Tell us about something you have never done. Is it something you hope to do, or something you hope to keep avoiding? If you hope to do it, what has stopped you, and do you think you will one day?
Submissions are due by May 1, 2021.

Fall 2021. Bodies
Let’s return to the topic of bodies—our own bodies and our embodied connections. Body image; gendered bodies; health and (dis)ability. Socially distanced bodies; virtual bodies. Changing bodies. Bodies, attraction, and sexuality. Share your reflections on embodied experiences through personal stories, poetry, artwork, or opinion pieces.

We welcome writing (including poetry) and visual art (including photography). 

You will find submission guidelines, current (and past issues), and sign up for a free electronic subscription at


Call for writing