Call for writing for Bi Women Quarterly!

Here are themes for the next 2 issues:

Summer 2019. Non-binary x2 (or more)
Calling all readers with multiple non-binary identities—including bi+ folks with non-binary gender identities, multiracial identities, etc. How do your identities inform each other? How do you navigate others’ reactions? What labels do you use? Do you see yourself represented in bi+ communities? DUE BY May 1, 2019.

Fall 2019. Getting Older
What are the challenges/opportunities of being an older bi+ person?How has aging transformed you—in mind, body, spirit, or sexuality? How have you stayed the same? What have been the most significant moments or transitions in your life? For younger folks: What have you learned from older bi+ folks? And no matter your age, what do you imagine your future holds? DUE BY August 1, 2019.

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Call for writing