We are looking for a summer intern who will expand our visibility and reach on social media in the U.S. and globally. It is our hope to increase the number of people who know about this free and accessible resource and widen and further diversify our pool of subscribers and content contributors.

This work will primarily include:

  • Creating outreach graphics using Canva and other tools.
  • Posting on social media
  • Doing direct outreach to other bi+, LGBTQ+ and feminist organizations and service providers in the US and globally, inviting them to let their members know about this free and important resource.
  • Researching additional places to which we can mail complimentary print issues. We currently send physical copies of BWQ to approximately 500 LGBTQ+, women’s, youth, and other social justice organizations.
  • Doing targeted outreach to organizations – bi+, LGBTQ+ and general – serving Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, elders, and youth.
  • Doing additional forms outreach developed by the intern.
  • Helping produce the Fall 2022 issue of Bi Women Quarterly.
  • Maintaining and improving our website (using WordPress).

Intern will report directly to Robyn Ochs, Editor of Bi Women Quarterly.

CONTACT: Robyn Ochs; biwomeneditor@gmail.com

Time Frame:  We are looking for a total time commitment of 200 hours over the course of the summer. You do not need to live in Boston to work on this project, though it would be a plus. 

To Apply

Please email your resume, cover letter and two relevant work samples (such as design products including logos, social media graphics, mastheads, layouts for publications or ads), to Robyn Ochs at biwomeneditor@gmail.com.

Learn about Bi Women Quarterlhere.