Welcome to Bi Women Boston, the home of the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network and the Bi Women Quarterly, produced in Boston for women everywhere. The theme for the new Summer 2016 issue of the Bi Women Quarterly is Labels.” 

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The theme for the Fall 2016 issue will be “Does Gender Matter?”  and the theme for Winter 2017 will be “Bi+ Space.”

You can find the full call for writing here, and submission guidelines are here.

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Bi women’s potluck brunch at Robyn’s


You are invited to join us at our monthly brunches. Held in members’ homes, these are relaxed, informal gatherings where everyone brings a dish or beverage to share. ALL women are welcome.


I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge my potential to be attracted, romantically and/or sexually, to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way and not necessarily to the same degree.
–Robyn Ochs

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8/25 and 8/28: The #StillBisexual Project Comes To Boston!

Calling all Boston Bisexuals! Join #StillBisexual to combat biphobia and bi erasure with the most powerful weapon we have – our stories. The #StillBisexual campaign delivers your stories via homemade confessional-style videos presented silently with handwritten cards accompanied by a music track. To see example videos, visit stillbisexual.com. Workshop Day: Thursday, August 25th, 2-9pm Filming […]

9/23: Annual Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Celebrate Bisexuality Day is an annual day to honor and acknowledge our community around the world. To find out the details of how the Boston community will be marking it this year, visit the Bisexual Resource Center’s website at www.biresource.net and check the BRC’s Facebook/Twitter.

10/16, noon: Annual BBWN Book Swap Potluck Brunch

It’s time for the much-anticipated annual BBWN book swap. Ellyn and Steph will be co-hosting at Steph’s in Arlington. Bring a potluck dish to share and books in good condition of all genres to be swapped for more great reads. Audiobooks are also encouraged. No textbooks please. Info/RSVP: smiserlis@gmail.com

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Special thanks to Catherine R., Jo-Anne C., Sheri H., Heidi M., Linda & Maura, Heidi M., Eve G., Loretta D., the BiCast and Joy H. for responding so generously to our December fundraising appeal. You can support our work by clicking on the donate tab on this page or sending a check to BBWN, PO Box 301727, […]


“Activists are cultural artists. They envision a world that does not yet exist, and then take action to create that world.'”
Robyn Ochs