Ellyn, Kara, Carolyn, Deborah, Mia

Ellyn, Kara, Carolyn, Deborah, Mia

Who are we?
The Boston Bisexual Women’s Network is a feminist, not-for-profit collective organization that brings women together for support and validation. It is meant to be a safe environment in which women of all sexual self-identities, class backgrounds, racial, ethnic and religious groups, ages, abilities and disabilities are welcome. Through the vehicles of discussion, support, education, outreach, political action and social groups related to bisexuality, we are committed to the goals of full acceptance as bisexuals within the gay and lesbian community, and to full acceptance of bisexuality and the liberation of all gay and transgender people within the larger society.

Who is welcome?
We welcome all women, including women who identify as bi, fluid, omnisexual, pansexual, questioning, transgender, and our lesbian and heterosexual allies too. Also welcome: non-binary folks who feel comfortable at a women’s event.

We are the home of the Bi Women Quarterly, a quarterly publication. Bi Women Quarterly has been around since 1983, and is the oldest continuously published bi women’s newsletter in the world. (learn more about Bi Women)

We host monthly potluck brunches in members’ homes, a well as other social and educational events. See our calendar for more information. Note: our calendar is also published in each newsletter.

If you are in the Boston are area, we also invite you to sign up for the biwomenboston email list so we can keep you informed of local activities and opportunities.

To join this listserv, please follow these instructions:
If you have an account with Google (e.g. you’ve already signed up for Gmail, Google Docs or Google Groups) click on this link to join: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/biwomenboston/join
If you do not have an account with Google, click on the “create an account for free” link on the Google Accounts homepage to create a new Google Account. Then click on the link above.
If you are having trouble signing up, just send us an email at biwomeneditor@gmail.com, specify that you’d like to sign up for biwomenboston, and we’ll make it so.